John Margerison

Serving With Compassion: How Philanthropic Programs Are Fighting Food Insecurity

Living in today’s world means navigating economic changes, political instability, and other issues that can cause inequality. Food insecurity is a major problem and affects people worldwide. Thankfully, philanthropic programs have taken up the fight, providing vital resources to those facing hunger while striving to create sustainable solutions for ending food insecurity.  John Margerison will […]

How to Leverage Technology to Create More Accessible and Inclusive Philanthropic Opportunities

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In a world increasingly reliant on technology, philanthropic and charitable organizations must recognize how they can leverage this technology to create meaningful opportunities for everyone. Making the most of our digital capabilities requires strategic sophistication to ensure that even those traditionally excluded from participating in major donations have access to beneficial initiatives. By creating inclusive […]

Innovative Business Models: Balancing Entrepreneurial Success And Philanthropic Efforts


In the past, business was simply about earning profits. However, with the advent of corporate social responsibility and a growing awareness of social issues, entrepreneurs are now leveraging innovative business models to balance their success with philanthropic efforts. These models create a win-win situation for businesses and the communities they serve. In this article, John […]